Quick.Cart is one of the simpler shopping cart scripts worth mentioning that we came across. It works perfectly when you are after simple maintenance and high efficiency script.

Simplicity of customization and use makes it an interesting choice for people looking for a script to fit their specific needs.

You can view and download the script at www.OpenSolution.org


Simple installation and modification

Quick.Cart stores data in flat files so installation is nothing more than setting permissions for several folders on a server. It takes only a couple of minutes. The script structure also makes it very easy to create site's graphics, which is mainly just working on some CSS's.

Friendly administration panel

Managing menu, products, images or configuration does not require any special skills. Clients who will run their site themselves, should have no problem with it, even without any prior experience with online shopping carts. It's all due to clarity of the administration panel and a popular WYSWIG editor TinyMCE.

Technical support

The script may not be as popular as other ones, but its community is still strong.

Good SEO support

Clean HTML code, friendly links and defineable titles, meta descriptions and link names for each subpage gives Quick.Cart good browser positioning.

Efficiency and requirements

The script code is not very extensive so it can take quite a heavy traffic, because it's extremely fast. It's couple and even dozen times faster than OpenCart, Prestashop and especially Magento. It doesn't need to connect to a database like SQL. It doesn't make much demands on a server. An unpacked script takes only 1.2 MB, where the WYSWIG editor by itself takes 0.4 MB.

Standards, standards, standards

Not many scripts can be said to comply to so many standards like like HTML 5, CSS, MVC and WAI (handicapped accessible pages). The last of these standards can be a significant 'pro', especially for public office websites. Implementations like these have actually been made.

Mobile version

The script inlcudes a built-in mobile version. When loading a page on your cell, you can choose a page version with less graphics, more content oriented instead.


Plugins and templates

The script does not have abundance (thousands) of plugins and skins available for other scripts. Functionalities that could compete with those of OpenCart or PretaShop are available only in paid editions.


The database that is an advantage for a simple website can also be a drawback when the site has thousands of products. The fault is in the fact that efficiency of flat files decreases as the amount of data increases.

Modification requires PHP knowledge

Modifying functionalities often requires PHP knowledge. Small number of plugins often makes it necessary to modify the script yourself. So when e.g. you need an additional field in a form, it may turn out not to be so easy.

Graphics modification requires knowledge of CSS and HTML

Quick.Cart does not include any built-in design modification tool. Each time you try to change your page layout you need to edit graphics templates, which luckily are quite clear. The script is based on a "Smarty"-like template system.


Quick.Cart is a very good script for your Internet shopping site with not that many products if you don't need all the fireworks. It's one of the easies to use scripts available on the market. It requires some knowledge of HTML and CMS to work on the site graphics, since there are not so many templates available. PHP basics also come in handy when there's need for functionalities modification. The good news is that there's not much of the PHP and HTML code what makes modifications much easier. It's extremely efficient as long as it doesn't manage thousands of products. For more demanding programmers there's the paid edition or other scripts like OpenCart or PrestaShop.


  • Quick.Cart screenshot - product details
  • Quick.Cart screenshot - admin panel products list
  • Quick.Cart screenshot - admin panel product edition

Users comments

  • Marcel
    2014-05-17 21:18

    I'm very pleased with Quick.Cart, it's easy to modify and the backend is very userfriendly. Flexibility and tweakability are unlimited. Highly recommended.

  • MichaelK
    2014-06-21 12:11

    Interesting script. It is incredibly fast, just read this: http://opensolution.org/why-quick-cart.html. Quick.Cart is perfect tool which is distinguished by it's simplicity, functionality and administrator's panel conveniency. Shame it is not suitable for bigger online stores.

  • Anonymous
    2014-10-14 18:49

    Very nice script with best performance. I used Prestashop before and when my webshop received 3000+ visits per day, my server colapse. I've change script to Quick.Cart.Ext and now i have no problems with server. Admin panel is less complicated then Prestashop. Great!

  • MoverRen
    2015-01-21 08:59

    I think that Quick.Cart is the best "raw material" for webmaster. It gives you possibility to make functions and facilities you ever dreamed of.

  • Anthony
    2016-03-22 13:20

    QC is not so famous but its ease of use. I’m using it now and its OK

  • CreativeMan
    2016-10-03 02:46

    Easy to setup, fast. Great script. Try it!

  • Ben
    2017-05-08 10:07

    I am happy with Quick.Cart platform, the code really works and the admin panel is also more userfriendly than others.